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With clear instructions, an efficient approach and complete content, our courses will help you learn Chinese easily, quickly and systematically. They also meet the requirements of the HSK test.

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Step 1

Watch a video lecture with clear explanations to learn vocabularies, grammar or characters.


Step 2

Use online or downloadable audio and script to practice what you have just learned.


Step 3

Take the online quiz to check your understanding about each lesson and make learning stick.

Available Chinese Courses


Chinese Pinyin Course

This course includes 10 lessons designed to teach you how to pronounce each sound of the standard Chinese phonetic system (Chinese Pinyin) — 21 initial consonants and 36 simple or compound vowels. It will also clearly explain the phonetic spelling rules for writing Chinese syllables and tone changes. In addition, there are many exercises such as reading the specific words and phrases, sound recognition and discrimination, which will help you master Chinese Pinyin effectively.

Elementary Chinese Course (HSK Level 1)

This course includes 20 lessons designed for totally beginner. After working through this course, your Chinese level will be equal to the 1st level of the HSK test. You will be able to understand and use simple and basic Chinese that is closely related to personal or everyday life, such as greeting others, asking and introducing someone’s name and nationality, asking for someone’s telephone number, asking about the time and date, making a simple suggestion and request, reading numbers from 0~999, making a simple phone call, asking for price, etc.

Elementary Chinese Course (HSK Level 2)

This course includes 20 lessons designed for those who already have a basic command of Chinese. After working through this course, your Chinese level will be equal to the 2nd level of the HSK test. You will feel much more free to communicate in Chinese on common topics, such as talking about hobbies, asking the distance to places, ordering food, making a comparison, giving the reason, telling how you feel, inviting someone to hang out, asking for and giving advice, describing a person’s personality and appearance, making an appointment and expressing your concern, etc.

This is what our students say about us


I have to say that I am very impressed with the structure of the lessons. I have been learning Chinese for about four months, and I find your method very helpful. You start with the basic sentence structure then provide more complicated sentences, and even have an authentic dialogue at the end. I found it to be very easy to learn through this gradual process. Keep up the great work!

Ralph Rodriguez

These videos are great! I really like how organized they are. It makes it really easy to build on each skill learned. As a former English teacher, I appreciate the methods you use! Keep up the good work!

Trevor Gardner

Best lessons I’ve found on the internet! So clearly and logically explained! You answer every question that pops into my head before I even have a chance to formulate it! Fantastic! Can’t wait for the next series! Xiexie ni!!

Lisa Pisa

Wow! Thanks for your videos! You are very professional! I am very surprised and happy I found your channel! You are great at teaching and structuring courses. I felt like a true student rather than being a mandarin enthusiast watching videos. Thanks a lot!!

Jose Antonio Lanz

I have been studying Chinese for almost 5 years. I have lived in China since 2011. I have studied in many different ways, but this is the most comprehensive set of lessons I have ever come across. I wish I had these when I was first starting out. Incredibly good job! Thank you! You have cleared up some basic questions I have had about grammar and done this in a clear simple format. Again, great job on these presentations and thank you!

James Landry

I really appreciate you. You have the best way to teach Chinese! It is unforgettable. After I watch your videos, I can remember the forms of the sentences easily. Xiexie!

Şafak Hançer


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