Elementary Chinese Course (HSK Level 2)

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  • 20 video lectures that cover approx. 360 new words, 120 grammar points and sentence patterns
  • Online and downloadable audio and script of 20 dialogues
  • 300 online self-assessment questions
  • Lifetime access to the course



Lesson 21: Talking about what someone likes to do on the weekend in Chinese (Please log in to view this sample lesson)

Lesson 22: Asking how far somewhere is in Chinese

Lesson 23: Ordering takeout in Chinese

Lesson 24: Making comparisons with “bǐ” in Chinese

Lesson 25: Canceling an appointment due to illness in Chinese

Lesson 26: Asking what size and color you wear in Chinese

Lesson 27: Speaking about seasons and the weather in Chinese

Lesson 28: Saying there is no need to do something in Chinese

Lesson 29: Telling you are late for the movie in Chinese

Lesson 30: Talking about yesterday’s Chinese oral test in Chinese

Lesson 31: Talking about someone’s date in Chinese

Lesson 32: Talking about changing job in Chinese

Lesson 33: Telling a good news and making an appointment in Chinese

Lesson 34: Telling what you think of a restaurant’s food and service in Chinese

Lesson 35: Talking about surfing the internet in Chinese

Lesson 36: Telling a taxi driver where you want to go in Chinese

Lesson 37: Saying “send, receive and reply to emails” in Chinese

Lesson 38: Making suggestions and recommendations in Chinese

Lesson 39: Making comparisons with “yīyàng” in Chinese

Lesson 40: Saying “borrow, lend and return” in Chinese


  • This course is for people who already have a basic command of Chinese.
  • This course is for people who have already finished our Elementary Chinese Course (HSK Level 1).
  • This course can be used to prepare for the test of HSK Level 2. It covers almost all the vocabulary and grammar points of the test of HSK Level 2.
  • If you want to speak Chinese more confidently and better understand spoken Chinese, if you want to have a deeper knowledge of the structure of Chinese grammar, or if you simply want to take your Chinese to the next level, this course can help you achieve your goal.
  • This course is perfect for people who plan to learn Chinese all by themselves or with limited time.
  • It will also be a good complement for people who already attend a Chinese class.
  • This course is not for the students who want to learn Chinese characters systematically, though Chinese characters are added with Pinyin together in this course.


  • Step 1: Watch a video lecture with detailed and clear explanations of how to use each of the vocabulary and grammar.
  • Step 2: Listen to and read a realistic dialogue online, or download the audio and script to practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Step 3: Take the online quiz to check your understanding about each lesson and consolidate what you have learned.


After working through this course, your Chinese level will be equal to the HSK Level 2. You will feel much more free to communicate in Chinese on common topics, such as talking about hobbies, asking for distance, ordering food, making a comparison, giving the reason, telling how you feel, inviting someone to hang out, asking for and giving advice, describing a person’s personality and appearance, making an appointment and expressing your concern, etc.