Elementary Chinese Course (HSK Level 1)

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  • 20 video lectures that cover approx. 300 new words, 120 grammar points and sentence patterns
  • Online and downloadable audio and script of 20 dialogues
  • 300 online self-assessment questions
  • Lifetime access to the course



Lesson 01: Asking and introducing someone’s name in Chinese (Please log in to view this sample lesson)

Lesson 02: Asking and introducing someone’s nationality in Chinese

Lesson 03: Talking about where someone’s hometown is in Chinese

Lesson 04: Asking for someone’s phone number in Chinese

Lesson 05: Expressing the date in Chinese

Lesson 06: Asking someone to the movies in Chinese

Lesson 07: Talking about your daily routines in Chinese

Lesson 08: Expressing the days of the week in Chinese

Lesson 09: Addressing family members in Chinese

Lesson 10: Expressing a specific time in Chinese

Lesson 11: Expressing the year and age in Chinese

Lesson 12: Offering a drink in Chinese

Lesson 13: Asking how something is going in Chinese

Lesson 14: Expressing actions from the past in Chinese

Lesson 15: Calling in sick in Chinese

Lesson 16: Talking about traveling by plane or train in Chinese

Lesson 17 : Saying “in front of, behind, there is” in Chinese

Lesson 18: Saying “on top of, under, inside, outside” in Chinese

Lesson 19: Talking about the weather in Chinese

Lesson 20: Emphasizing time, manner, or place about the past in Chinese


  • This course is for people who want to learn Chinese but have no or little previous experience. We start with the absolute basics.
  • It will also be useful for people who want to refresh their existing basic knowledge of Chinese.
  • This course can be used to prepare for the test of HSK Level 1. It covers almost all the vocabulary and grammar points of the test of HSK Level 1.
  • This course focuses on listening comprehension and speaking, so people who are eager to understand and talk to Chinese people should take this course.
  • People who want to build a solid foundation for basic Chinese grammar will benefit a lot.
  • This course is perfect for people who plan to learn Chinese all by themselves or with limited time.
  • It will also be a good complement for people who already attend a Chinese class.
  • This course is not for the students who want to learn Chinese characters.


  • Step 1: Watch a video lecture with detailed and clear explanations of how to use each of the vocabulary and grammar.
  • Step 2: Listen to and read a realistic dialogue online, or download the audio and script to practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Step 3: Take the online quiz to check your understanding about each lesson and consolidate what you have learned.


After working through this course, your Chinese level will be equal to the HSK Level 1. You will be able to understand and use simple and basic Chinese that is closely related to personal or everyday life, such as greeting others, asking and introducing someone’s name and nationality, asking for someone’s telephone number, asking about the time and date, making a simple suggestion and request, reading numbers from 0~999, making a simple phone call and asking for price, etc.